Inline Skate Wheels

7 products

    7 products
    The fastest inline skate wheel on earth
    Red Magic 125mm Hardcore 2.0 Inline Skate Wheel
    from $54.00
    Application: Road
    Wheel size: 125mm
    Avenger Hardcore Inline Speed Skating Wheel
    Avenger Hardcore 110mm Inline Skate Wheel
    from $44.00
    Application: Road or track
    Wheel size: 110mm
    Storm Surge Wet Weather Inline Speed Skating Wheel
    MPC Storm Surge Wet Weather Inline Skate Wheel 87A
    from $42.00
    Application: Wet-weather
    Wheel size: 100-125mm
    Red Magic Inline Speed Skating Wheel
    Red Magic Inline Skate Wheel
    from $30.00
    Application: Road or track
    Wheel size: 90-110mm
    Elemental Inline Speed Skating Wheel
    Elemental 84,90,100,110,125mm Inline Skate Wheel
    from $16.00
    Application: All surfaces
    Wheel size: 90-110mm

    Buy Inline speed skate wheels. Bont creates the fastest inline skating wheels in the world. Made in the USA, Bont is famous for pushing the boundaries of urethane wheels. From 80mm wheels, 90mm wheels, 100mm wheels, 110mm wheels, and 125mm wheels. Buy the fastest and best inline speed skate wheels.

    Bont collaborates with a number of the world's best inline skate wheel manufacturers to create our range of inline skate wheels. We choose the manufacturer who is the best in their field at each individual discipline. Bont inline skate wheels have won so many world championship gold medals that we have lost count. Bont inline skate wheels in collaboration with MPC have also set numerous world records.  

    125mm Inline Wheels

    The 125mm inline skate wheel is only permitted to be used in the marathon at the inline world championships. Bont has won more marathon world titles since the 125mm wheels were permitted into the world championships than any other brand. The Bont Red Magic Hardcore wheel dominates the 125mm inline wheel market. 

    110mm Inline Wheels

    The Bont 110mm Red magic inline wheel in conjunction with MPC wheels is the most winning 110mm inline skate wheel in the world. Now, with the introduction of the Bont Avenger 110mm inline wheel, we are raising the bar even higher. The Bont Avenger is now the new fastest 110mm inline wheel in the world. 

    100mm Inline Wheels

    The Bont Red magic 100mm inline racing wheel is the fastest 100mm inline wheel on the market. For racing at the highest level, this wheel is perfect for women and junior skaters. For recreational skaters, the Bont 100mm inline wheels are the best on the market. 

    90mm Inline Wheels

    Bont makes a range of 90mm inline wheels from the professional Red magic to the 90mm Elemental inline wheel which is perfect for training and junior racing. 

    80mm Inline Wheels

    It seems some time ago that 80mm inline wheels were dominating the racing scene. These days 80mm inline wheels are more suited to junior racing and recreational skating. Bont makes a range of 80mm inline wheels from suitable for all levels of inline skating. The Bont Highroller 80mm inline wheel is our best 80mm wheel and this wheel won numerous world inline cup events. 

    Wet Weather Inline Wheels

    Partnering with MPC wheels, Bont provide skaters with the best wet weather wheels on the market. The MPC Storm Surge eats wet tracks and roads for breakfast. The MPC Storm Surge wet weather inline wheels are available in 100mm, 110mm, and 125mm. 


    We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.