Short Track Protective finger tips

Protective finger tips
short track protective finger tips

Short Track Protective finger tips

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Bont short track protective finger tips are a great way to protect your gloves from wearing out quickly. Short track speed skaters put their left hand on the ice in the turn which can quickly wear holes in your gloves. These finger tips stop that from happening. 

There are 7 finger tips in the pack so you can choose the 5 that best fit your finger shape. Use gel super glue to attach them to your gloves. This super glue can be purchased in any hardware store. 


- Made from ABS
- Long-Lasting
- Easy to Glue
- Light Weight

Gluing Instructions

  1. There are 7 tips in the packet in varying sizes. Choose the five tips that best fit your finger size. Match the protective tips to your glove.
  2. Apply glue around the edge of the tip. Apply to clean dry gloves. Press tightly onto glove with hand in the glove. Use Gel Super Glue.
  3. Wait 30 minutes before using.

Use only for short track speed skating.

Warning: Use Gel Super Glue to attach the short track protective tips. Carefully read the glue warning label.

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